Race Information

Race Date:  Monday, May 27th, 2019

Opening Ceremonies: 6:30 am
15k ~ 7:00 am (chip timed)
5k ~ 7:30 am (chip timed)
1m fun run~ 8:00 am
Awards ~ 8:45 am

Online Registration, click here.

Course Maps:

1 mile run map

5K run map

15K run map

5K and 15K water stops map

Course Changes for the 2019 Memorial Day Classic

 New Starting Location – The 15K, 5K, and 1-Mile Fun Run will now start in the park on the bridge over Drakes Creek near the finish line.

 15K Course – Runners will now stay on the completed greenway to Stop 30.  The second timing mat will be on the old section of Stop 30 (must cross this timing mat to be eligible for awards).  Runners will then return to Greenway by running on the sidewalk along Saundersville Rd.  The 15K route will then reenter the Greenway on the Greenway entrance across from Hampton Inn and by Sherwin Williams.

15K Greenway Exit – Stop 30 Turnaround Map

15K Saundersville – Greenway Reentrance Map

 1-Mile Fun Run – Course is all new this year.  At the start the participants will head into the park and follow the road and trails around the front ball fields.  The course will then have you finish at the same points as the 15K and 5K races.

Because a good portion of the race is on the Hendersonville Greenway, we ask that you keep to the right and no more than two wide. If you hear a runner coming, please allow him/her to pass on your left.

Minimum pace and distance cutoff – 15K runners must maintain a minimum pace of a 12 minute mile and reach the 5 mile point within 60 minutes (1:00:00 hour). At the 1 hour mark all runners who have not reached the 5 mile mark will be directed off the 15K course and back onto the 5K course towards the finish line. Since the runner will not have crossed the SECOND timing mat their race time will not be posted and considered for an award.

Location ~
Drakes Creek Park
Drakes Creek Park North is off Indian Lake Boulevard and Gallatin Road (31 -E) which is Main Street in Hendersonville. Turn at traffic light #9 off Gallatin Road. There is also an entrance into the park at traffic light #10 (off Indian Lake Boulevard).

From south of town (Nashville): Take 1-65 North. Take Vietnam Veteran’s Boulevard exit (around mile marker 96) towards Gallatin and Hendersonville. Take Hendersonville exit (#7) / Indian Lake Boulevard. Take a right at Demos’ Restaurant for entrance into the park.

From north of town (Bowling Green): Take 1-65 South. Take exit #96, Two Mile Pkwy. Stay left at the fork and merge into Two Mile Pkwy. Turn left onto Gallatin Pike North (31- E) and take this into Hendersonville.

The average race day temperature is a high of 77 and a low of 57.

Policy regarding weather conditions:
The Memorial Day Classic follows the recommendations of the Road Runners Club of America concerning adverse weather conditions. The race will be cancelled, postponed, modified or shortened by an appropriate amount if (1) the dew point is 80 degrees F or above, or (2) lightning is present.

The race committee and medical director will determine whether to modify, postpone or cancel the race. This is a charitable event and no refunds will be given if the race is postponed, modified or cancelled due to severe weather conditions. The event will not be rescheduled to a later date if cancelled.

Pet Policy
The Memorial Day Classic has a “no pet” policy. This is for the safety of all.

Stroller Policy – Strollers are welcome!  We just ask that runners with strollers start at the back of the starting line and be mindful of runners on the course!

Ear buds are discouraged for safety reasons. If using ear buds please keep one removed as to listen for directions on the course from traffic monitors, etc.

-Top three (3) Overall Male and Female winners for 5K and 15K and will be based on clock “gun” time. (Top three (3) Overall winners will not be eligible for Age Group Awards which includes the top three (3) Masters Overall Male and Female winners.)

-Top three (3) Male and Female Masters winners for 5K and 15K and will be determined by chip time. (The top three (3) Masters Overall Male and Female winners will not be eligible for Age Group Awards.)  Masters is age 40 and over.

-First, second and third place Male and Female finishers of all age categories in both the 5k and 15k distances and will be determined by chip time.

-All participants in the 1 mile fun run under the age of 12 (participation medal)

Race Age Brackets:

Male 9 and under in division 5K
Male 10-14 in division 5K
Male 15-19 in division 5K
Male 20-24 in division 5K
Male 25-29 in division 5K
Male 30-34 in division 5K
Male 35-39 in division 5K
Male 40-44 in division 5K
Male 45-49 in division 5K
Male 50-54 in division 5K
Male 55-59 in division 5K
Male 60-64 in division 5K
Male 65-69 in division 5K
Male 70+ in division 5K

Female 9 and under in division 5K
Female 10-14 in division 5K
Female 15-19 in division 5K
Female 20-24 in division 5K
Female 25-29 in division 5K
Female 30-34 in division 5K
Female 35-39 in division 5K
Female 40-44 in division 5K
Female 45-49 in division 5K
Female 50-54 in division 5K
Female 55-59 in division 5K
Female 60-64 in division 5K
Female 65-69 in division 5K
Female 70+ in division 5K

Male 9 and under in division 15K
Male 10-14 in division 15K
Male 15-19 in division 15K
Male 20-24 in division 15K
Male 25-29 in division 15K
Male 30-34 in division 15K
Male 35-39 in division 15K
Male 40-44 in division 15K
Male 45-49 in division 15K
Male 50-54 in division 15K
Male 55-59 in division 15K
Male 60-64 in division 15K
Male 65-69 in division 15K
Male 70+ in division 15K

Female 9 and under in division 15K
Female 10-14 in division 15K
Female 15-19 in division 15K
Female 20-24 in division 15K
Female 25-29 in division 15K
Female 30-34 in division 15K
Female 35-39 in division 15K
Female 40-44 in division 15K
Female 45-49 in division 15K
Female 50-54 in division 15K
Female 55-59 in division 15K
Female 60-64 in division 15K
Female 65-69 in division 15K
Female 70+ in division 15K

Male Masters 40+

Female Masters 40+

Race Co-Directors:
Laura Stehl                ccpc@ccpchope.org

David Meyer             dmeyer@fbchtn.org